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"i love you"

huh...it would be nice to hear that more often. I know that i would like to hear my dad say it more often. It's good to be loved. I was talking to V and Kim the other day, and this subject came up briefly. Hearing someone that u r in love with say those 3 words is precious, and one should hear it all the time when you have come to that point in a relationship, but i also think that one can hear it too much...one could just end up sounding clingy, but it shouldn't only be said once a month either. These words should be said when u feel it, when the words come out without u even realizing it. Love is a POWERFUL emotion that heats your blood.

And that's another thing...some people take this word too lightly, and THAT pisses me off. They just thow it around whether it's just to take advantage of a person (in more ways than one), or they just say it out of guilt to make the other person feel better. I u don't feel it, don't say it.

And another thing, i think that someone could love another, but not be IN love with them...there's a HUGE difference. I can admit that i love a lot of people: family, friends, or just plain strangers that make me happy. Like customers, or someone that does something kind for me or someone else without any reason at all, someone that makes me laugh. I think that this difference becomes EXTREAMLY complicated when it comes to relationships.

Anyhoo...that's my bable for the day. y'all have a good one!
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