tigress5star (tigress5star) wrote,

Walking...Exausting, but FUN

I LOVE taking long walks, it's exercise, and whether its with a loved one, a friend, or just with your music, it's VERY relaxing (mind wise). I thinnk that the van finally died. It broke down on Amy last night, so now there's only one car for us 3 girls (it SUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!). I went into work at 7:30 this morning (after being there till 2am last night), we have our regional managers coming today or tomarrow and i was helping to staighten everything. It was ok though, Sam provided me with Starbucks. Anyway, just wanted to comment on the walking thing, i think i'll try to make a habit of it, and at night it should be A LOT more fun...i just LOVE the world at night, plus it's not as hot out.
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