tigress5star (tigress5star) wrote,

The Notebook

I saw the Notebook with Dawn and Jason. It was the sweetest movie EVER! I mean, i try 2 think of a better one, but i just can't. I think the thing that i liked most about it was the fact that they showed how the couple was later in life. U see all these movies with young love, and i am always left wondering what happens...in the long run.

I was watching the movie (crying) and just thinking and marveling. Love stories make me SO happy, hopefull, and sad all at the same time. I think i cry more when it comes 2 love than i do with death. I've always accepted death being a fact of life, inevitable...but not everyone gets 2 be loved. 2 grow old with someone, loving them the day u die just as much as the day u fell in love with them, that has 2 be the greatest gift that anyone could get. 2 feel such a passion for someone that it hurts and makes u feel better than u've ever felt in your entire life. It's a cold fire that starts at your heart and flows the the very tips of your fingers, through the streaks of your hair, and all the way down 2 your toes. Oooo, i can't wait 2 feel that.
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